The Manager's principal investment strategy is to invest in income-producing real estate which is primarily used for office and/or retail purposes. The Manager's key objectives are to deliver regular and stable distributions to Unitholders and to achieve long-term growth in the net asset value per Unit of Suntec REIT so as to provide Unitholders with a competitive rate of return for their investment.

The Manager plans to achieve its key objectives through the following:
  • Proactive asset management: Leveraging on the property portfolio's competitive strengths to optimise rental income, occupancies and undertake asset enhancement initiatives to increase property yields.
  • Strategic accretive acquisition: Identifying and selectively acquiring strategically located, high quality, income-producing properties primarily used for office and/or retail purposes.
  • Prudent capital management: Optimise capital structure to maximise returns and ensure income stability by managing interest and foreign exchange rates fluctuations.